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Generally, volunteers work on an as needed basis in classrooms, libraries, on field trips, etc. to support programs and students. (Boosters fall within the volunteer category).

Volunteer Process:

1. Building administrators will determine volunteer needs at their building sites.

2. Individuals interested in volunteering will submit a volunteer application via TalentEd. (*Note: Parents w/children at multiple sites must have an application on file **for each school site *they wish to volunteer at.)

3. Building administrators MUST interview volunteer applicants. (Building/District expectations should be discussed during these appointments also.)

4. Building administrators will submit a letter of recommendation for each volunteer selected and approved to work at their site. (Multi-site volunteers must have a letter of recommendation in their file from each principal.)

5. Volunteer applicants will be screened utilizing the District background check process. (FBI Criminal History Background Check, Department of Public Safety Background Check—DPS Employment, and HB128) The cost of the background check will be paid by Deming Public Schools.

6. Volunteers will receive official badging and a link to the Volunteer Handbook once cleared/satisfactory background check.

7. Volunteers will only be allowed to volunteer at sites and/or with clubs/teams indicated on their badge.

8. The Human Resources office will send verification to school sites when an individual is authorized to begin volunteering. (The official volunteer file will be maintained in the Human Resources Office.)

9. Volunteers will report to building administrator(s) for briefing, discussion of responsibilities, assignment, and work schedule.

Volunteers shall abide by the following:

1. All volunteers must proceed directly to the administration office and sign in. Volunteers MUST always wear their District Volunteer Badge while in the building.

2. Volunteers will be assigned to a specific licensed teacher/administrator. This individual will be responsible for supervision of volunteer.

3. Volunteers at no time shall be alone with any students.

4. At the conclusion of their work session/school visit, volunteers shall sign out in the administration office.